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Make Data Your Superpower.

Stop value leakage across revenue, costs, margins, and valuation.

Bad Data is Costing You More Than You Think.


Navigating today’s dynamic business landscape demands fast and accurate business data across financials, sales, marketing, content, audience, product, customers, and operations.

Companies need a clear path forward to achieve reliable financial and business insights, which shape their direction and fuel their growth. This puts new pressure on all functional roles and how they view and interact with data.

Let us help you stop chasing data and focus on creating value and setting strategy. 

  • Generating increased and healthier revenue
  • Optimizing costs and resources
  • Enhancing unit-level margins
  • Improving customer contract size and lifetime value
  • Modernizing products and revenue streams using data and AI
  • Improving forecasting accuracy and adding predictive and prescriptive insights
  • Preparing for critical financial events and exits


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H2K Labs partners with businesses of all sizes, from startups to large corporations, to leverage data for scalable financial gain and comprehensive value creation.  We specialize in tech-enabled strategies, utilizing advanced analytics to uncover new revenue opportunities, enhance existing revenue streams, and optimize margins, thereby increasing sustainable long-term growth and enterprise value.  Powered by H2K's analytic platform, Insightify, our services include  AI-driven predictive analytics, comprehensive revenue management, and strategic M&A support services.